Sage Courses

As the UK’s second largest technology company with over 6.1 million customers worldwide, Sage is a platform that supplies businesses in the UK and globally with the information, and the tools to manage company finances. As the leading financial management system in UK, training and experience using the system and its various sections effectively is a highly coveted skillset for anyone wanting to pursue a career in payroll, management accountancy or other areas of finance.

Sage Training in London

At the Training Place of Excellence, we offer different Sage training courses in London for those wishing to progress their skills and ultimately progress to a career avenue utilising skills using Sage systems. We believe in providing practical training to prepare candidates and further advance their career. You can choose from any of the following courses to start or progress your knowledge of Sage with a course in London and begin on a path to become more employable and add value to your CV:

We also have Xero accounting and payroll software training which you may wish to consider.

For more information or to get expert advice on which level(s) of training would be best for your progression, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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