CV & Interview workshop

Come along to our CV and interview session to gain valuable advice to build your CV, learn how to structure your skills and experience and trainings to improve your employability. You will also gain valuable insight on how to sell yourself at interviews.

We always say to people, "it's one thing to have all the qualifications and experience, and it's another thing to be able to package these in such a way that it demands attention; then it's also another thing to be able to speak about the experience in an attractive and convincing manner".

Here at our award winning centre, we make it a point of duty to offer you a holistic package, so that you gain the relevant qualifications, you also gain the much needed practical work experience and you also want to be able to pull it together and be able to sell yourself positively to the best of your abilities. All with the aim of getting you into work.

Come along to our half-a-day CV & interview workshop, and you will benefit from:

  • Detailed CV review in line with an Accounting role
  • Improvement relating the non-Accounting experience you may have to enhance your chances in getting a suitable role
  • Interview scenarios and review of performances
  • Support in writing your CV
  • Review of your updated CV by an experienced Accountant with experience in practice and in recruiting