About us

The Training Place of Excellence aims to provide high quality Accounting trainings & Work placements to improve your employability. Once you have registered onto a training course you are then entitled to a free Work Placement. At The Training Place of Excellence we focus on providing a vibrant learning professional environment for all students in order for you to achieve the best of your ability.

The Training Place of Excellence is a non-profit making organisation which focuses on offering quality Accountancy Trainings and other specialist training courses and we support candidates with practical accounting work experience to help consolidate the knowledge gained on the trainings they attended.

We offer Accounting work experience trainings along with other Accountancy and specialist trainings

We offer practical work experience along with all our training courses to help candidates get a better understanding of the training they attended and to have practical experience to complement their educational qualifications. The work placement can be put on your CV to facilitate and increase your chances of getting into employment.

Our trainings are geared to provide you with the necessary practical skills to complement your educational courses or qualifications and enhance your employment skills.

We have carefully structured each of our accountancy training programs in order for each candidate to get the best of skills needed to complement their current knowledge and experience and get into an accounting job in the current employment market.

We work with:

We provide our candidates with high quality accounting trainings and an opportunity of further development with the accounting work placements.

These practical skills have been designed to enhance candidate's knowledge and to make a visible connection between classroom learning and the accounting work environment. These training programs are relevant for:

  • Individuals with no practical experience
  • Individuals who have practical experience but not in the UK
  • Individuals with practical experience but no accounting qualifications
  • Individuals new to computerised accounting
  • Individuals with no accounting qualifications
  • Individuals new to accounting
  • Individuals with only basic accounting knowledge
  • Individuals who have not been solely involved in preparing accounts from source documents

Upon completion of any training attended, there is a guaranteed opportunity for an Accounting Work Placement within an Accounting firm, subject to receiving two references for each candidate. The length of your Accounting Work Placement depends on the combination of trainings you attend.