Benefits of taking on an Apprentice from our Award Winning Training Centre

  • Receive a grant of £1500
  • Cut down on recruitment time and costs
  • Build a tailored workforce
  • Invest in staff professional development
  • Improve your bottom line and productivity
  • Fill skills gap
  • Motivate and inspire your workforce
  • Enhance development and career progression in your current workforce through leadership and supervision
  • Enhance continuous professional development across workforce at reduced costs

Why take on an apprentice?

Investing in a young person can bring a visible return on investment. By training a young person to meet your business requirements, you are able to get the right vibrant energy your business will need for the future. This is especially rewarding for small to medium sized businesses. If you take on an apprentice, you are only expected to pay their salary; the government will fund their training, except for the level 4 qualifications.

Do I qualify for an apprentice?

Any company can take on an apprentice. The apprentice will need to work with experienced staff and learn job-specific skills and if you employ less than 50 employees you can be eligible to receive a £1,500 grant.

What we can offer you

Our centre focuses on excellence and practicality; we are the AAT 2015 winner of the Apprentice of the year award.

This is a great accomplishment and recognition of the hard work each staff member puts into our young people and the hard work our Apprentices put into their personal and professional development.

We train our young people with qualifications and work placements to ensure that they are ready to work when they join your team.

Choose from highly motivated young people specialising in the following areas:

  • Accounting
  • Business Administration
  • Customer Services

Alternatively you can also send a young person who is currently working for you onto our programme for training! Click here to submit an application


TT Media Feedback

The whole process has been really straightforward for TT Media. We took on a few Apprentices from The Training Place of Excellence at different times and we were impressed by the drive and motivation these young people displayed. We definitely will be taking on some more Apprentices in future.
Director of TT Media

MGNT Feedback

We took on an Apprentice as we wanted to support a young person's personally and professionally development. Our Apprentice was keen to learn and was able to perform expected duties to a good standard. They have been with us for over 6 months and so far so good... We are pleased we chose the apprenticeship route through The Training Place of Excellence.
Director of MGNT Ltd

Apply for an apprentice

Each candidate is screened via a work placement with a Chartered Accounting Firm, to ensure that they are work ready with the right practical skills. They also attend relevant trainings so they can work towards their qualification and gain up to date knowledge in their field.

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